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Embargo a go-go!
Posted Thu, 26 Oct 2017, 15:52:42 EST by Keely Chapman

The RMIT Research Repository hosts records, full-text and associated files for both Masters by Research and Doctor of Philosophy theses. Sometimes, authors require their thesis to be unavailable for a set period of time. This is generally known as an embargo.

The School of Graduate Research manages the embargo of Higher Degree by Research theses and their 'Higher Degree by Research Policy' outlines the grounds on which an embargo can be approved.

Please see section 21 at the link below for further information.

Publishers want your ORCID!
Posted Tue, 06 Dec 2016, 11:04:45 EST by Keely Chapman

A number of scholarly journal publishers are now requiring ORCID author IDs to be provided with newly submitted publications. An ORCID provides an author with a unique identity and enables correct attribution (including allocation of citation counts). A list of the publishers now requiring an ORCID is available at the link below.

ORCID in Publication workflows
Where do repository records come from?
Posted Tue, 06 Dec 2016, 12:12:00 EST by Keely Chapman

RMIT Research Repository records are sourced from those reported and verified for the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) scheme.

When RMIT University affiliated authors report publications for ERA, Research Office staff (based in the Research and Innovation Portfolio) create records for them in the Research Master database. Research Office staff then verify them against ERA criteria and when passed, they are tagged for inclusion in the RMIT Research Repository. Once a week, repository staff (based in the RMIT University Library) run a software program to target the tagged records and create records for them in the repository.

To ensure your publication records are included in the RMIT Research Repository, report them for inclusion in the ERA scheme at the web page below.

Reporting your research publications and outputs
How to Add Your Research Publications (and Full-Text)
Posted Tue, 06 Dec 2016, 12:15:14 EST by Keely Chapman

Step 1.
Report all of your research outputs for inclusion in the Excellence in Australia (ERA) scheme. This will ensure that a record for your research outputs will appear in the repository. For information about how to report your publications for ERA, see this link: This step is entirely managed by the Research and Innovation Portfolio's Research Office team.

Step 2.
After reporting your research outputs for ERA, send the repository a copy of the 'accepted manuscript' version to the email address below. The 'accepted manuscript' version is defined as:

The author-created version that incorporates referee comments and is the accepted version for publication.

The accepted manuscript is not the published version. While it has been refereed and edited, it won't have any publisher logos or other formatting done to it.

Please note: RMIT University authors who have clearly stated an RMIT University affiliation on their publications are required to adhere to their publisher's policy regarding the versions that are permitted for upload to the RMIT Research Repository. As this can be a complicated and confusing task, repository staff undertake interpretation and checking of these policies on behalf of RMIT University affiliated authors. It is not expected that authors will do this step themselves. The only requirement for authors is that they provide the 'accepted manuscript' version, that is the one that fits the above definition.

Step 3.
After sending in your accepted manuscript, wait for repository staff to respond. We will send you a copy of the author Deposit Agreement and Guide (if you have not already signed one) and will assess the publication you have sent to the repository to confirm its compliance with publisher policy. Once this is done and the repository has received the completed Author Deposit agreement, we can then upload the 'accepted manuscript' to its repository record. Repository staff will send out a link so the author can view it in the repository for themselves.

For further information and help, please contact:

Coordinator, RMIT Research Repository

Phone: +61 3 9925 2310
Fax: +61 3 9663 3047

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